On The Topic Of: Taking a Break

Hallo there! (General Kenobi, for the meme lovers here)Tada! Here I am. Last week I was not here, because I desperately needed a break. If you want to know all the ins and outs about that, you can listen to my podcast on Spotify Here. The baseline here is that I had a break down … Continue reading On The Topic Of: Taking a Break

Book review: The Gifts of Imperfection

Last time I wrote about having good days and bad days, and that is it completely fine to feel down every now and then. Feeling down is part of life. After I wrote that, I remembered that I have a book called "The Gifts of Imperfections" by Dr Brené Brown. I once bought that on … Continue reading Book review: The Gifts of Imperfection

Historical cooking

That's right! Historical cooking, my internship and HSP. You might wonder what this has to do with me since I am an English student, as you might know. Well, besides that I am a big history fan as well. My favourite part is the late Middle Ages and my favourite historical figure is by far … Continue reading Historical cooking

Marie Kondo

Oh yes, I've fallen for this hype as well and I am not ashamed of it. Hypes aren't usually my thing. I'm always too late to join hypes and I never understand them. As soon as a trend is considered 'old' I join in. You could say I am not very good as following popular … Continue reading Marie Kondo

HSP pt. 4: bye!

Welcome to part four of my HSP-story! I really hope you learned something new from it. This part will be the last part that specifically deals with HSP. Not that I will never talk about it or mention it again, I just feel like going on and on about this subject will overdo it. I … Continue reading HSP pt. 4: bye!

HSP pt. 3: Kind of lucky

Part three of my HSP quick-guide! You might have read part one and part two of my HSP-series. If you haven't you can always find them under Posts -> HSP or click on the hyperlinks in the previous sentences. Last time I told you about the differences between people's brains and what kind of problems … Continue reading HSP pt. 3: Kind of lucky

HSP pt.2: Brains

Tadah! Here I am, once again. Hopefully with something nice for you to read while you procrastinate doing your studying, homework, work or something else important. Three days ago I wrote this little something about me being HSP and I briefly explained what it means, along with a little personal experience so you have something … Continue reading HSP pt.2: Brains


Hey, that's me! Or that is what makes me 'different', at least.About two articles ago (Here) I told you about my new year's resolutions and why I found them hard to tackle or not. I also hinted at the fact that I might not entirely be your regular next door neighbour, even though I might … Continue reading HSP

Definitely Sensitive

The new year is well on its way and I felt it was time to explain the name change of both my blog and my Instagram account. Which is exactly what I am going to do right here, right now. But first: It is my birthday today! Yay! Okay with that out of the way, … Continue reading Definitely Sensitive