Book review: The Gifts of Imperfection

Last time I wrote about having good days and bad days, and that is it completely fine to feel down every now and then. Feeling down is part of life. After I wrote that, I remembered that I have a book called "The Gifts of Imperfections" by Dr Brené Brown. I once bought that on … Continue reading Book review: The Gifts of Imperfection

Back again

Hello everyone!It has almost been six months since I last wrote something for my blog, can you believe that?! Me neither. I decided to take a step back from writing for a while and just live in the real world, so to speak. Writing became more of an obsession of writing everything in time, rather … Continue reading Back again

What I wish I knew about going to uni

It is no secret that I am HSP, have anxiety and suffer from the occasional depression filled days every now and then. I also have a light eating disorder and all in all I am just a big ol' geek as well. Not that being a geek is wrong, but I have been bullied for … Continue reading What I wish I knew about going to uni

Friends and friendship

It's my bestie's birthday today! Happy birthday bestie ❤ I love you 🙂 This is the perfect moment to talk about friends and friendship. I have been seeing many friends come and go in my life. Nobody has stayed my close friend for a longer while, its usually about a year or two and then … Continue reading Friends and friendship

Butterfly garden

Finally! The May-break is here. This is actually the first break we have since the beginning of our academic year. We do have a Christmas break, of course, but that one is followed by a massive exam period so that break is not much of a relaxing one. The May-break is not followed by anything … Continue reading Butterfly garden

Fairy tale Friday

When I say "Fairy tale Friday", what do you think of? I think of all kinds of stories, fairies and a world far beyond ours. I have been walking around with this idea in my head for weeks now. I like writing about HSP and environmental stuff a lot and I won't stop doing it, … Continue reading Fairy tale Friday

Lonely in a crowd

Lately I have heard many people say they feel lonely when they're in a group of people, even though they might call these people their friends. I fully recognise this feeling and I am starting to wonder why there are so many people who feel this way too. Maybe it catches my attention time and … Continue reading Lonely in a crowd

Historical cooking

That's right! Historical cooking, my internship and HSP. You might wonder what this has to do with me since I am an English student, as you might know. Well, besides that I am a big history fan as well. My favourite part is the late Middle Ages and my favourite historical figure is by far … Continue reading Historical cooking

When all is said and done

"Thanks for all your generous love and thanks for all the fun. Neither you nor I'm to blame when all is said and done... Standing calmly at the crossroads, no desire to run. There's no hurry any more when all is said and done". Because frankly, there is nothing to blame anyone for and everything … Continue reading When all is said and done

Marie Kondo

Oh yes, I've fallen for this hype as well and I am not ashamed of it. Hypes aren't usually my thing. I'm always too late to join hypes and I never understand them. As soon as a trend is considered 'old' I join in. You could say I am not very good as following popular … Continue reading Marie Kondo