Brush your teeth!

Your friendly neighbourhood environmentalist is back again with some talk about how to take care of our beloved dirtball <3That's right! I have more information and tips to give you about environmental stuff. You may have guessed that I am pretty passionate about this topic, and I mean...It's not that bad, is it? We've only … Continue reading Brush your teeth!

Fast Fashion

If you know me, you know I love to wear dresses all day, every day. Wearing a dress or a skirt makes me feel pretty and confident because they hide exactly what I want to hide and show off what I want to show off. Fellow women might raise an eyebrow at this since most … Continue reading Fast Fashion

EcoTalk: Reusable Mug!

AAAHHHHH I'm excited about this one! I get excited about environmental stuff in general, but this one is just a lot of fun. Most people might be familiar with the fact that we drink a lot of coffee or tea. Right? Now think of all the disposable, single-use cups we use with that. A lot, … Continue reading EcoTalk: Reusable Mug!

EcoTalk: Reusable water bottle!

Guess who's back...back again?! Last Saturday I annoyed you with some talk about how you should be more thoughtful about your use of straws. This week I'm back with my education on how you can be more conscious about the environment, but without having to do a lot of effort or spend a lot of … Continue reading EcoTalk: Reusable water bottle!

EcoTalk: Reusable straws

Disclaimer first: I don't get angry if you don't want to use less straws, don't want to wash your hair with less shampoo, or don't care about the environment like I do. It is a choice to be this active about it, not a necessity. Do please consider being a little more careful with our … Continue reading EcoTalk: Reusable straws

Nitty-gritty: no ‘poo

Welcome back again! As you can see from the title I am going to try and explain no 'poo in some more detail. You might have read my previous post about a more general explanation of no 'poo here. If you haven't I will provide you a short recap of what is in there. What … Continue reading Nitty-gritty: no ‘poo

No ‘poo

Poo?! Yes. Poo. No 'poo to be precise. Maybe you have heard of it and do not need any explanation on what 'no 'poo' means, but most likely you do. 'No 'poo' basically means 'no shampoo'. It might sound a little bit strange to call it 'no 'poo' while you could also just call it … Continue reading No ‘poo