Back again

Hello everyone!

It has almost been six months since I last wrote something for my blog, can you believe that?! Me neither.

I decided to take a step back from writing for a while and just live in the real world, so to speak. Writing became more of an obsession of writing everything in time, rather than me actually writing something meaningful about something I care about.

Life has been quite eventful for me in the past six months. A lot of things have changed, I went to summer school in Nottingham, I started my internship, got a job and said goodbye to some friends and welcome back to old ones. It has been quite a ride.

What made me return to my blog once more is the fact that many a friend has been ‘caving’ lately. I see so many loved ones who feel unhappy, depressed, lonely… It might be just the fact that autumn has set in and with it the winter-depressions, but it also might not be. Call me weird, but I can feel energies changing. The world and its energies are shifting and we need to shift with it.

To all my friends who are struggling to keep on going, to get out of bed each morning, to make decisions, to figure out what the f*ck they need to do, or anything else along these lines: I see you. You’re not alone! If you need someone to talk to, I am sure that you know how to find me. Try to remember that it is okay to not be okay and admit that. Let the tears flow and let them heal you. Reach out to people and ask them for help. I know that reaching out and admitting that you are not doing okay is very frightening, but I also know that it is freeing.

You don’t have to have everything figured out. You don’t have to smile all the time. You don’t have to keep it in. You are loved.

I also want to say that I used to be that friend who tried to ‘fix’ everyone I care about, but not anymore. I realised that ‘helping’ might actually not be helpful at all. Sometimes all you need to do is remind someone that you’re there when they need you, simply listen to someone. Only ‘help’ when someone actually asks you for help. Sometimes asking someone what their day was like or asking them how they are doing might make the biggest difference. We’ve got so many different social media platforms, yet so many people feel devastatingly lonely. Weird, right? Yeah, thought so. Now reach out to that friend, without expecting something in return.

Alongside realising that I cannot carry the world on my own, I saw that being unhappy is part of life. Unhappy friends are part of life. Just like I fall down every now and then, so do my friends. And just like me, they will get back up. When I am down in the dumps, I sometimes just need a cup of tea and a pat on the back, or maybe just an ‘ahw it will be fine’ message on whatsapp. So, maybe…perhaps… my friends need the same (?). They are human too, right? Stuff to ponder on some more, I guess.

Now, take a deep breath, relax your forehead, unclench your jaw, lower your shoulders. You are going to be fine, I promise.

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