What I wish I knew about going to uni

It is no secret that I am HSP, have anxiety and suffer from the occasional depression filled days every now and then. I also have a light eating disorder and all in all I am just a big ol’ geek as well. Not that being a geek is wrong, but I have been bullied for it so I occasionally still shame myself for being geeky. It’s a reflex I am working on, okay.

What I wish I knew about going to uni before I actually went is that you do not have as much freedom as you think you do. At least not in the sense of the word you think you’re going to have. I really thought going to uni and studying something I chose myself would be so much better than high school! When uni started it was harder than I thought and way more work than I had anticipated. Apart from homework there was this whole new situation I had to get used too, partly because I moved out of my mum’s house and partly because some things just changed in my personal relationships to people.

It took a whole lot of work to get into this routine of doing homework, but also making sure I had enough to eat and drink and made sure my laundry was done on time. Three years later I still sometimes have not got it under control. My room looks like the inside of a trash bin every now and then. Especially during exam periods. I always try to keep it neat and tidy, but sometimes I just have other priorities.

Making sure you’re fed and watered and have clothes to wear is not the only thing you have to get used to, you know. If you move to a whole other city like I did, there is also that scary thing… yeah you know: ‘making friends’ and ‘socializing’. Boy, oh boy, was I scared of having to make new friends! I did it eventually, with the help of the orientation week, but it was scary to talk to complete strangers for the socially awkward me. Having to make new friends and get out of my comfort zone did help me and I can proudly say that I think I am less socially anxious now.

What I also wish I had known before starting uni is that I could be me. There has never been anyone who told me I needed to ‘act normal’ or that the music I listen to is stupid, or the clothes I wear are weird. I can just be me around here. Uni is filled with so many different young adults who are all on the same path of discovery. Everyone around you is discovering new things about themselves and I had the luck of finding supportive friends. I could finally be me and explore what I liked to do, think, wear, watch and listen to. I did not have to be scared of getting laughed at anymore.

Most of all, I wish I knew about the learning curve and how much I would learn.Learning so many dazzling new things about life and yourself can be so daunting. It still makes me anxious every now and then, but I know I can handle it. Being HSP at a uni like mine can be so overwhelming, but it is so worth it once you find your place. I think my best advice it to not let anything hold you back, and do not expect yourself to do everything right the first time. And oh, don’t take feedback personal! Ha, ha. Feedback is not meant personal. It is meant to help you grow. 😉

That’s all I have to say, really. Don’t forget to check out my Instagram page and subscribe to my email list to get a notification when I post something new. See you next time!

Lots of Love,


One thought on “What I wish I knew about going to uni

  1. Dear DF,

    wunderfully spoken. Very recognizable…I struggled the same way when I was young. In fact, it stopped me from goung to uni. My way to learn these things took me decades…wish I did go to collage, maybe I would have found myself soner. Good thing you did go to the uni!
    Greetings and good luck to you.

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