Music is almost ever present in our modern lives. Some people don’t like music that much and prefer utter silence, and some live for music. I am someone who belongs to the latter part.

Songs can easily make me tear up, have me recall memories – both good and bad- and it helps me through some tough times. When I was younger I learned how to play the flute and when I was in high school I learned how to play the piano. Last Christmas my mother gave me a ukulele and I’ve been playing ever since. I am not really good at it yet, but I practice almost every day and I learn something new every day. That small instrument has really become a part of my life. It even helps me manage my anxiety.

There are some songs that I play when I don’t know what to do or think anymore. Some of those songs I found all by myself, but some of them were suggested to me by people who are important to me. Listening to those songs makes me feel less lonely, or they help me get through panic attacks or days when I feel particularly depressed. Some songs I listen to because of the lyrics, some because of the musical aspect.

There really is just one type or genre of music that I cannot listen to: metal. It makes me anxious, makes me feel very unpleasant and is always too loud and ‘busy’. It is just a no for me. Music I’ve liked since basically always is 80s music. I also really like Queen and Elvis. What I will always like most is the k-pop band SHINee. I’ve been listening to their music for about 8 or 9 years now and their music and attitudes have helped me get through so much, I don’t even know where to start. Maybe I will write something about them in a separate post.

Listening to music and making music offers me an escape to the outside. My thoughts feel like a big storm sometimes. I don’t know where they start and I don’t know where they end. It is just a big thunder-cloud with lightening and rain pouring down on me and wind raging through my hair making me go all confused. Music helps that storm settle down for a while. It helps me to figure out what the storm wants to make clear to me and it helps me express myself. Maybe I am not the best singer and not the best ukulele-player in the world… but that does not mean I will stop doing it. I do not want to be famous, I just want to escape my world for a while.

For some, music is rubbish and they prefer silence to calm their minds. For people like me, music is a saviour. Being able to listen to someone singing about what you feel inside can be just the outlet you need. Where words fall short, music completes.

Do you perhaps have any recommendations for me? I would love to hear about them! You can leave a comment down below or send me a message on my social media handles. I like exploring new artists a lot. You could also let me know what music means to you, or which group you belong to: music lovers or silence enjoyers.

Thank you so much for reading! Don’t forget to check out my Instagram page as well.

Lots of Love,


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