To study abroad, or not?

Difficult question today: To study abroad, or not? And why or why not?I've been thinking about this for three years now and I have come to a decision. I am not going to study abroad.... for 6 months. What I am maybe going to do instead is do an internship and go to summer school … Continue reading To study abroad, or not?


Nitty-gritty: no ‘poo

Welcome back again! As you can see from the title I am going to try and explain no 'poo in some more detail. You might have read my previous post about a more general explanation of no 'poo here. If you haven't I will provide you a short recap of what is in there. What … Continue reading Nitty-gritty: no ‘poo

No ‘poo

Poo?! Yes. Poo. No 'poo to be precise. Maybe you have heard of it and do not need any explanation on what 'no 'poo' means, but most likely you do. 'No 'poo' basically means 'no shampoo'. It might sound a little bit strange to call it 'no 'poo' while you could also just call it … Continue reading No ‘poo

Valentine’s Day…

It is almost that day of the year where the roses get too expensive and stale chocolate is everywhere. Everything gets decorated pink and people buy cards that say: "oh honeybun I love you so much my little biscuit". Yep.Valentine's day! You might have already guessed it from those first few lines, but I do … Continue reading Valentine’s Day…


My apologies! I haven't kept up with my own schedule and I skipped writing for my blog for a little while. I had some good reasons for it, though. January was a tough month, you guys! We had an exam period that lasted for the whole month of January. It was tough, but I think … Continue reading Priorities


Hello! Last week I showed you my Bullet Journal and explained one or two things about the whole method. I hope you enjoyed reading it! If you haven't read it yet you can click here. This week I wanted to give you a heads up on how I'm doing on my new year's resolutions. January … Continue reading Success?/!

Bullet Journal explained

Hello there!Last week was the last addition to my 'HSP chronicles'. I hope you enjoyed it and learned something from them! If you haven't read it yet, you can do so Here. If there are still any questions left you want to ask me you can always leave them in the comment section, send me … Continue reading Bullet Journal explained

HSP pt. 4: bye!

Welcome to part four of my HSP-story! I really hope you learned something new from it. This part will be the last part that specifically deals with HSP. Not that I will never talk about it or mention it again, I just feel like going on and on about this subject will overdo it. I … Continue reading HSP pt. 4: bye!

HSP pt. 3: Kind of lucky

Part three of my HSP quick-guide! You might have read part one and part two of my HSP-series. If you haven't you can always find them under Posts -> HSP or click on the hyperlinks in the previous sentences. Last time I told you about the differences between people's brains and what kind of problems … Continue reading HSP pt. 3: Kind of lucky

HSP pt.2: Brains

Tadah! Here I am, once again. Hopefully with something nice for you to read while you procrastinate doing your studying, homework, work or something else important. Three days ago I wrote this little something about me being HSP and I briefly explained what it means, along with a little personal experience so you have something … Continue reading HSP pt.2: Brains